Parentcoaching for integration, empowerment and educational support

The multilingual parent coaching for all parents who want to support their children academically without putting pressure on them.


Learn how to successfully integrate your children and empower them to overcome any academic obstacle.

trust in our expertise:

dear parents, pay attention:

Does that sound familiar to you?

  • You do not understand the German school system and feel hesitant to get in touch with the school or teacher?
  • Is your child struggling to cope with the school routine and finding it difficult to stay motivated?
  • You are unsure how to properly support your child and are worried about your children’s future?
  • Your child studies a lot for school, but still receives poor grades?
  • You would like to support your child with their studies, but these situations always lead to arguments?
  • Your child has school-related fears, such as fear of bullying or test anxiety?


You wish for practical and effective strategies to help your children with school challenges and support them optimally.

Your child is starting school or facing a school change, and you wish for them to feel comfortable in the new environment and be successfully integrated.

You wish for your child to receive the best possible education to lay the foundation for a successful future.

about us

At our tutoring school Übungsmeister, our main focus is on individually supporting people and empowering them on their educational journey. We have been doing this for years through one-on-one tutoring, various projects, and cooperations such as language courses at Caritas Oberberg, holiday projects such as „Spielend Deutsch lernen“ for newly arrived children, or through parent coaching sessions at local schools.

Customer testimonials

Great cooperation partners. They are reliable and competent learning companions for our students, but also trusted advisors for the parents in our pilot project "Strengthening Parents Strengthens Children".
Barbara Spiller
LOWER GRADES COORDINATOR Realschule Bergneustadt
The parent coaching was super helpful, great lectures with practical examples, very motivating! Thank you very much!
Juliana Simon
Great team. They have awesome learning ideas, not just for students. 👌🥰
Sabine Nockemann

You will get:

With the purchase of our course, you will also receive the following bonuses

BONUS #1 : Ideas for excursions and leisure activities (in German)

You will receive a diverse list of ideas for free and paid leisure activities for children and teenagers to strengthen the relationship with your children, create a balance to learning, and enhance the development of social skills.

BONUS #2 :  Checklist for a good work environment (in German)

This is a checklist with helpful tips for a good work environment where your child can successfully learn and complete tasks.

BONUS #3 :  Ideas for a successful preparation for exams (in German)

You will get a comprehensive list with many tips for optimal preparation for an exam or test.

BONUS #4 :  Sample application for „Antrag auf Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe“ (in German)

With this bonus, you will receive a sample application for benefits for education and participation („Antrag auf Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe“), which under certain conditions allows you to apply for tutoring for your child.

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The course is suitable for all parents who want to support and strengthen their child in the best possible way with school challenges. These challenges may include successful integration, individualized learning, motivation issues, fears, and much more.

The course starts individually for each participant upon receipt of payment. Once your payment has been successfully processed, you will receive access to the course content.

Each module is self-contained and the course has been intentionally designed so that you can choose which videos and topics are personally interesting and important to you.The other topics may become important to you at a later time. You can view them when the time is right.However, some videos may contain references to other modules of the course in order to avoid repeating content. When you watch these module videos, you can further deepen your knowledge in specific areas.

In all course videos, subtitles can be turned on to make our content accessible to everyone. These subtitles include English, Arabic, and Turkish. Additionally, AI-generated translations are available in Russian, Romanian, and Persian.

Our videos are typically between 10 and 20 minutes long, making it easy to integrate them into your daily routine. You can complete the course anytime and from anywhere, as you are not bound to a specific location or time. By purchasing the course, you have the flexibility to watch it at times that work best for you. Additionally, you can watch the course on your smartphone, allowing you to effectively utilize waiting times at places like the doctor’s office.

All course content was created by the tutoring school Übungsmeister, which has been offering mobile one-on-one tutoring in the Oberberg district since 2018. We are always in close contact and exchange with the parents and families of our students, giving us a comprehensive insight into the daily challenges faced by parents. In addition to individual tutoring, we also conduct language courses on behalf of the Caritas Association Oberberg, providing us with insights into the linguistic barriers faced by parents who have not been in Germany for long. Since 2023, we have been regularly organizing parent evenings on various module topics at different schools in the region. These theme nights highlight that active involvement of parents in school activities is essential for the successful academic development of the child. The high attendance numbers at these events confirm that many parents seek information and are motivated to better support their child in academic matters.